Anti-aging : ChiWalking

For the elderly, severely obese, who suffering from joint strain, scoliosis and other physical conditions that are not allowed to run for the time being, ChiWalking® is a good way to exercise through the correct posture, so as to strengthen the muscles and tendons, as well as Cardiopulmonary reconstruction. A perfect solution to slow down aging and restore health.

ChiWalking® has been effective in helping countless runners trying to start running again during their recovery from running injuries, and has helped many non-runners start fitness walking for the first time in their lives. ChiWalking is wonderful and anyone can learn it at any age. So it's definitely a great way to keep an aging population healthy and well-preserved.

"Even after knee and hip replacement surgery, we've helped many people walk and run again. Our approach to teaching walkers and runners is how to walk and run in a way that reduces the impact on the legs, hips and back, So that they can continue to exercise in their later years.”

Founder Danny Dreyer sees ChiWalking as a great fit for helping seniors: "There's no doubt that the walking market has an age range of 35 to 85. It's a fairly large fraction of our population...  There's also a group of people who need to keep exercising to stay healthy. Most people's metabolism slows down after age 40-45. When that happens, all the food you're used to eating starts to stick to your bones, The average person gains an average of one pound a year after age 45. That’s why people need exercise to boost their metabolism – and walking is the easiest and least injury-prone way.”

"Tai Chi helps improve body balance and blood circulation, but it's not an effective form of aerobic exercise," he said. "Countless scientific studies have confirmed that regular aerobic exercise, like walking or running, is very important for health. , it provides exercise for your lungs and strengthens your heart health, and it is also very effective for weight management, factors that are very important for middle-aged and elderly people who make up a major proportion of the population."

There's another "bonus": "Walking has been shown to be more effective at reducing the incidence of diabetes than the best diabetes drugs!"

Preventive medicine advocated by developed countries refers to preventing the occurrence of diseases instead of treating diseases. "Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine" (the oldest medical classic of ancient China) once mentioned: "The sage does not cure the disease, but the disease is not cured; if the sage does not cure the disorder, the disorder is not cured". It is a concept of preventive medicine. ChiWalking can indeed improve the quality of life and grow older "healthily and gracefully".

Danny believes that ChiWalking has the potential to become a lifestyle model for those who want to stay healthy. "Using the 'body-mind connection' focus techniques in ChiRunning and ChiWalking, people are starting to become more fully aware of how to find a way to live their lives better," he said.

“ChiRunning and ChiWalking teach you not just to walk and run, but to learn more than that. They teach you how to stay focused (using your mind can prevent or delay develop Alzheimer's or other symptoms due to brain degeneration as you age); how to sense your body so you can recognize when you're nervous, tired, when to rest, when to be active, and how to avoid excessive use of your body, how to breathe better – these are just a few. Tai Chi is known as "longevity training" or "health exercise" and that's exactly what I hope to achieve with ChiRunning and ChiWalking for everyone Goals. Their interests are endless, the practice of spiritual life is endless, and everything you do will make your life better.”