This revolutionary, ever-evolving approach to effortless, energy-efficient, injury-free running differs from traditional running in that the focus is on FORM first, then distance, then speed. Most people train to run in the opposite order and experience arches, pain, fatigues and sometimes injury.

ChiRunning®太极跑 – 重点在于先巩固正确姿势,然后慢慢增加距离,进⽽提升速度;⽽⼤多数⼈的跑步训练以相反的顺序,跑步可能变成⼀个痛苦的体验,更甚者还会因⽽受伤。

The technique emphasises the proper biomechanics of running and helps improve and eliminate the aches, pains and fatigues of running incorrectly. On the other hands, it also emphasises the cooperation with natural forces instead of relying on leg muscles for propulsion to achieve the ultimate efficiency and create the perfect condition of running.

This workshop is specially designed for you, if you are a...

  • beginner, hope to start running easily without exhaustion;
  • veteran runner, hope to stay away from running injuries and regain the fun of running;
  • competitor, hoping to improve running performance and create another Personal Best in the next marathon...

It is a half-day workshop which will bring you through the full curriculum of essential ChiRunning techniques that help you to -improve efficiency and avoid injuries .

In-depth analysis of the ChiRunning theory, disclose the inefficiency affects and hiding injury risks of various running postures, and go through the full set of ChiRunning techniques in a gradual manner. More than 95% of the attendees significantly improved their running experience immediately after this four-hour workshop.