ChiRunning Essentials Workshop (half day)

Date 15-5-2021 OR 25-5-2021
Time 2:30pm-6:30pm
Fee S$328
Venue Sports Hub – above Kallang Wave Mall
Address 1 Stadium Pl, Singapore 397628
Instructor Clarance Chan
Language English
Code SG-0410-21

From beginning runners to ultra marathoners, join our Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor, to learn this revolutionary approach to effortless, injury-free running. Whether you are coming back from injuries, trying to improve your athletic performance, or are completely new to running, this workshop is for you.

This will NOT be what you might expect a typical run workshop to be. There will be no fartleks or intense running drills! Expect a fun, relaxing, positive morning, with incredibly non-scary drills and form focuses that will transform your running into a joyful, lifelong, injury-free practice–it is absolutely possible!

It is not running that hurts you. It’s the WAY you run that hurts you. Let ChiRunning turn your training or fitness routine into a lifelong health and wellness practice–and one that can improve your race performance if that is what you’re after!

跑步係瘦好多 身形都靚左 仲有 食野可以食多好多 健身都無跑步食得咁多野 ?

– Mission impossible: 100天由零開始到全馬 –

Martin Chiu


– 經驗跑手 突破瓶頸 遠離傷患 掌控潛能 –

Raymond Chan

原來跑至最尾的一至兩公里時,真的可以還有力加速,見著身邊其他跑者越來越慢,自己卻在加速,心生驕傲,不得不讚 ChiRunning 的果效!

– 溫令吸蒲 有影皆雙 –

Irene Chong


Please call or send whatsapp message to Clarance to sign up.


Please call or send whatsapp message to Clarance to sign up.